How to quickly write high-quality articles, even if you're busy

If you write online for money, you’ve probably heard "Content is King!" more than once. But it isn’t always easy to write high-quality articles, especially if you don’t have a nice block of time to get into the writing mindset.

My process works for me because I can split the steps up into chunks of 30 minutes to an hour, which occur much more frequently than a nice 3 hours straight. It takes me about 2 – 3 hours total to complete an article I’m happy with, so I’m not one of the faster writers. But by using my process, I can write an article even when I’m busy, by slowly building it up over days or, once, even a week.

I know what some veteran hubbers on this site are probably thinking. Well, my answer is yes. Yes, I am indeed an arrogant bastard. After a mere 3 months on this site, I have decided that not only are my (incredibly fantastic) hubs worthy of the name "high-quality", my 20-hub portfolio also gives me enough experience to teach others my method. Your skepticism is perfectly fair, and to be fair, possibly correct. Hmm.

Well, here’s a link to my profile page; beneath my description should be a collection of the most recent hubs I’ve written. You can judge for yourself whether my hubs are "high-quality", and frank comments are welcome on those pages and this one. Sugar-dust them a bit though, to protect my self-esteem. 😀

This article doesn’t explain where to publish articles. If you don’t yet have a site or personal blog to publish on, my suggestions are the sites Helium, Squidoo, and of course, Hubpages, which is the site this article is hosted on.

What this article details is my process; tweak it, stretch it, and mold it to work for you. Hope you find it useful!

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