Two Years of College Maybe Better Than More Than Four - A Think Tanker Topic and Case Study

Too much education is somewhat of a problem if one wishes to remain a free-thinker, remain void of political correctness, and able to innovate, adapt, and enjoy success as an entrepreneur, inventor, or concept designer. The breakthroughs often come from those whose minds are not boxed into little corners. Let me explain why I believe that 2-years of college might actually be better than more than four years for success and future innovation.

Not long ago, a gentleman told me of his story during his early years in grade school. The teacher assumed he was not as smart as the other kids due to his grades, and his mom was worried, but when they tested him, his intelligence level was off the charts. With this new finding, everything changed and his parents were smart enough to get him in a place where he could be challenged. Well, in hearing this, I was not surprised at all. Here is what I explained to him:

If we want there are several great examples, for instance Bill Gates, who happens to hold the title of richest man in the world, or how about Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, etc. The list of ultra-successful entrepreneurs, and innovators who didn’t ever go on to score graduate degrees is well documented indeed. So, perhaps, everyone needs to keep all this into perspective, besides, I can always hire someone with a degree if I need too. Think on this.

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