Some students have a difficult time starting their college essays. Perhaps, it is a challenge selecting topics or a feeling that their essays must be perfect. The words "perfect essay" are engraved all over the media and Internet. No wonder this task can be intimidating.Once students let go of the idea that their essays must be perfect, ideas flow easier and great stories can be told. Too often, students are inundated with articles about writing the perfect essay, filling out the perfect college application and aspiring to perfect test scores. This, for the most part, is unrealistic and can even hinder creativity. Why is it that colleges such as MIT ask students to discuss a time they failed or Yale asking students how they would like to improve? Perfection is not a requirement and it is from our errors along the way that we grow and learn.

The college essay should not be an obstacle, but viewed as an opportunity to reveal who you are. Your character and personality should come through in your writing. View this process as an opportunity to be self-reflective. Get over the idea of the perfect college essay. Tell your story in a friendly, conversational, informative manner showing the college why you are a good fit.

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