How to Choose a Topic for an Essay - Tips for Social Sciences and Humanities Students

College students tasked with choosing their own topic for an essay or term paper are usually at a loss given the multitude of issues and topics that they can choose from. Not knowing where to begin can be a cumbersome problem that leads to unnecessary delays. The following useful tips aim to lessen the burden that students majoring in the humanities and social sciences have to contend with when choosing a topic for an essay/report that they need to submit in class.


As a college student, develop the mindset that your professor will, sooner or later, ask you to write an essay which is likely to be more than 3 pages long. Think of it as part of college life aside from the tests and exams and perhaps, the booze and parties. Inevitably, you need to be keen about the different topics and issues discussed in class because it is likely that you’ll be asked to work on any one of them for a term paper or essay.


Writing an essay or term paper need not be a hassle. Choosing a topic that you are happy with is the first step in a process that not only helps you improve your ability to think but can even train you to become very knowledgeable in something.

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