Can You Trace Cell Phone Numbers Free? A Case Study For the Masses

Have you every wondered if you could trace cell phone numbers free? You know that there are sites you can go to and pay a fee to in order to trace numbers, but there really out to be a way to get this information for free right? Well I decided to give it a try myself and here is a summary of my results.

I selected the cell phone number of a friend of mine that I knew had the same number for at least a year. I did a search on Google for "trace cell phone numbers for free". The first site we brought up talked about how there are sites that charge you money for this information and then listed some supposed free ones. We click on the free ones and found that they did in fact charge you for this information. There was one that didn’t charge but had no information on my friends number.

I can’t say 100% for sure, but I don’t think there are truly any sites that allow you to trace cell phone numbers free. It’s best to find a one that is cheap and well known.

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