Case Study - Discover How To Never Be In Debt Like This Client!

Today I had a long discussion with one of my clients who never managed to write a business plan and use it for control. Why the hack do you do your book keeping when not using it?

I try to convince the guy now for over a year to come to a meeting and plan his company – a business plan meeting is like playing in the sand box. You build up your plans till you find a way you want your company in one year from now and you document how you will reach this goal.

Because of this "playing" with your company’s numbers you get a better feeling where the money is coming from, which profit centre is bringing you the most profit. And you will find the activities that are eating up your profits.

So take out your time management tool and set an appointment for yourself when you will take your financial statements and review them and write a business plan for the next year. And don’t forget to review your plan every 3 months – controlling if you are on track.

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