Car Sales 101 - A Case Study

The time had come for my wife to get a new vehicle. Let’s take a look at the good, bad and ugly of her experiences. What occurred during her visits is a microcosm of what happens in automobile dealerships every day.

My wife decided to look at several different vehicle options. She visited three dealerships to look at vehicles. At two of the three, the sales people seemed to ignore her as she looked at vehicles on the lot. Maybe it was because my wife had just been at the gym and had gym clothes and a sweatshirt on – Mistake No. 1.

At two of the dealerships, the sales person never asked my wife’s name – Mistake No. 2. None of the sales people offered a test drive or much of a demonstration – Mistake Nos. 3 and 4. Only one of the sales people asked for my wife’s number before she left so they could follow up with her – Mistake No. 5. All three of the sales people did not treat her as she could or would buy the car by herself – Mistake No. 6. All of them made sure to mention to bring her husband back and they would make me a good deal – Mistake No. 7. Two of three did not follow up after the visit because they did not get the phone number – Mistake No. 8. Two of the sales people took repeated cell phone calls during the time they were with my wife – Mistake No. 9.

Show me any industry or field without tons of competitors. Show me any industry where some of the players aren’t using price as their main weapon. Every industry has these environments. The reality is that none of those things matter. You are faced with MOT’s (Moments of Truth) everyday. In those moments you either choose to win or you choose to lose. Go back to the basics and do what you know to do and are trained to do. If you treat people at a higher level than you ever have and you remember that the word "sell" means "to serve," you will sell as much as you can handle. Competition and price matters will wane. You will win and win big.

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