Case Study - Online Learning School Employs Collection Software to Reduce AR Outstanding

The challenge – The University employs sophisticated campus management software (CampusVue) that provides student registration and billing. The school has 150,000 students that matriculate both online and at local campuses. Student accounts are paid by a combination of direct pay, grants, scholarships and loans. The complexity of the accounts required a customized solution for the collectors to view account status specifically for the collections process.

The problem – The student bills are very complex with charges and payments covering several semesters and classes with several sources of payments. Tracking the past due accounts requires a mechanism to contact the student when payments are not received and set up a payment program that will keep student accounts current. When the collector makes contact with the student, all of the accounts that are past due must be presented in both a summary and detail view.

The results – The College has reduced the time needed to work accounts that have moved to collection status. Accounts Receivable past due has improved dramatically. The information entered in the collection system is updated in the main billing system daily keeping both system in sync. The school has recognized additional revenue from student accounts and has improved the number of student accounts that previously had been determined uncollectable.

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