Writing the College Admission Essay

College application forms are intended to outline information on a student’s personal, educational, and extra-curricular background. Applying to any college involves providing data from transcripts, various standardized test scores, and a list of awards and recognition. Details on financial matters such as family income and need for financial aid may also be required. Last but not the least, the application process calls for coming up with a compelling admission essay.

The college admission essay gives the student an opportunity to introduce him or herself to an admissions committee. It is a good method for any student to present a personal statement, as the essay is sometimes called, on aspects not easily derived from grades or lists of accomplishments. Each college may give a variation of topics for applicants to choose from; which may require awareness of current events, possibly political or religious in nature. Local or international issues may be raised and a student’s opinions on such matters asked. Other topics may be of a more personal nature; a student may have the option to discuss a particular achievement, future plans, influences, or something as simple as a favorite literary work or musical piece. Essays may also be as straightforward as only having to describe oneself or be as random as conveying how you feel about a certain day of the week.

5. Essentially, an admission essay has to stand out among many, possibly thousands, of other essays. Consulting published essays that are widely available online should only help generate ideas and not influence a student’s tone of writing. The goal in composition is to be noticed and identified as unique from all other applicants.

6. In answering admission essay questions, focus should not be directed only as to whether the answers are merely right or wrong; rather, the emphasis should be placed on how to personalize ideas and present them with as much detail as possible. Presenting the big picture may not be as effective as compared to writing from one’s own and distinct perspective.

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