The Important College Application Essay

Just the thought of having to write an essay for college brings out our worst fears in many people. I am here to tell you, don’t sweat it. Prepare for the essay, but don’t obsess over it. Be prepared to write on something interesting. Some colleges have off the wall questions like University of Chicago’s, "How do you feel about Wednesday" essay prompt, or how about University of Pennsylvania’s, "You have just completed your 300-page autobiography – Please submit page 217. Or even Tufts University’s, "Are we alone?" essay. Others have more mundane questions like, "tell us about an important event in your life", or "write on a social or political issue". No matter what the question is, if you have prepared you will be able to write a great essay.

The essay portion of the college application process is something you will want to spend quality time on. Don’t expect to throw an essay together at the last minute and it end up flawless. You need time to edit and revise it. Your essay could be what gets you accepted into the school of your dreams, so don’t take writing it lightly!

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