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Jack The Ripper: This, still unsolved crime, is one that fascinates people. Who were the most obvious suspects? If this occurred today, what techniques could be used to capture and convict him.

Jack in the box: The toy of a bygone era or has it altered with technology? Which types of clown faces were they? Always smiling or sometimes sad? Who invented the first one. Is it a spin-off of the Punch and Judy puppet shows? Can you make your own?

Jack O’lantern: The carving of Jack O’lanterns has turned into something of an art form. Highlight some of your favourites or give a tutorial on how to carve unusual faces. What is the history of these and why are they called Jack?

Jacket: Do you know which style of jacket is better suited to a skirt or dress? How have jackets changed over the years. Is it still necessary to wear a jacket to an interview? How can you wear scarves and a jacket.

Jack fruit: Do you grow jack fruit? How do you eat that, what does it taste like? How large can they grow?

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