Case Study - Planning

Chet, an Elementary School Principal, has been notified that his enrollment and staffing will not increase even though there is the possibility that the enrollment will increase during the following school year. Chet must convince the Business Manager to increase his enrollment and staffing prior to the hiring period so that he can hire and indoctrinate teachers prior to the fall semester and avoid overcrowding.

1. What should Chet do as he plans his meeting with the Business Manager?

2. What risk would Chet be taking if he went with the Business Manager’s enrollment & staffing?

-School overcrowding

-Staff burn-out

-Decrease in the quality of education

3. If the Business Manager did not change his staffing, what should Chet do?

-Prepare a report for the Superintendent using recommendations and impact data provided by the faculty & staff.

-Organize a plan to prepare for overcrowding using recommendations from the faculty & staff.

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