24 Hour Retailing - An Academic Review

24 hour retailing is, for some smaller brands, the last piece in the puzzle to becoming a truly customer-centric organisation. Large business has operated 24/7 since the advent of contact centres and there is now a move to emulate this in SMEs.

Modern retailers across the globe have taken on the challenge of 24/7 retailing since the advent of the web. But increasingly there is a trend to allow customers to interact with a person 24/7 with the support of the web, instead of the traditional Monday to Friday business hour operation.

While the web now allows customers to buy anywhere anytime the public now expects to be able to chat with a person in support of the sales or customer service experience.

This paper reviews why businesses are starting to operate 24/7 in support of web with a live person and how this is a growing trend, especially in complex products such as insurance and finance.

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