Better Management of Results Through the Balanced Scorecard Case Study

The balanced scorecard is a systematic framework that allows the executives to fully keep track of their companya??s overall performance. Over the decade, the BSC has gained importance due to the help it has given to the businesses as the managers are able to detect the problem areas in the company. In order to prove their points, most of the organizations have chosen to conduct their own balanced scorecard case study. Among the cases that have been reviewed and analyzed is with regards to goal alignment.

A balanced scorecard case study about the alignment of the goals is particularly in relation to the subject of aligning the individual performances of the company practices with the corporate strategy. In every BSC case study, it is important that the executives believe that performance management is one of the most essential procedures in the business. Most companies neglect this fact and thus, they do not measure the performance of the company and only focus on the financial results. In order for them to fully attain success, there is always a need to gauge the performance of all the important aspects in the business including the customers, the productivity of the employees and the efficiency of the internal processes. Monitoring these along with the financial outcome can lead the company into a much better organization through the decisions that are data driven.

Most of the companies that have conducted a case study about the roles of the balanced scorecard in their company have known that in a short period of time, the BSC has really improved the awareness of the executives when it comes to the appraisal of the goals and other procedures. In addition, they are able to learn what the weaknesses and the strengths of the company are. This is quite helpful for them because they are permitted to reduce the effects that are quite detrimental for the success of the organization.

As some of the theories have been have been proven and accepted as facts, the business is then able to make use of the BSC at its full potential. Combined with the other means of performance management, strategic decision making can be achieved.

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