Careers Case Study; The Woman Executive

Most women executives understand they work in what has historically been a man’s business world. Most of these hard charging kick butt women have no problem with such a scenario and understand the facts and reality. Indeed they choose to find their own way into that world and function in it they say.

As a man well I must admit that it might be a little intimidating for a man to work under a woman due to our social engineering, yet as a free market person. I want the BEST person for the job, irregardless of gender or whatever. Sometimes that happens to be a woman, sometimes a man, who cares.

And to that point, does it really matter if your boss is a man or a woman as long as they are best, brightest or most proficient at that job? You be the judge, but for me, I am fine with woman leaders and have met enough of them who I believe have the right stuff to not be bothered by executive woman in power. Consider all this in 2006.

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