Read Abstracts in White Papers and Research Papers For Article Ideas

Online article writers that are involved in a specific industry or sector niche, should be writing more articles about the trends of their industry in the future. These articles are enjoyed by people in industry associations, trade journals, and folks interested in strategic planning within the sector. The best way to write such articles is to read lots of white papers, but especially to read the abstracts.

If you read white papers from many different corporations that are often used as quasi-marketing pieces, you will find after reading many of them that cumulatively they start to show trends that are emerging. These trends become perfect articles and excellent dialogues.

Now, I have done this for years, and I browse these references early and often. And it is amazing how it will get your mind working, and cause you to think about the future in a totally different way. And by doing this you will be amazed at the incredible articles you can write. Please consider all this, as it is one of my tricks of the trade.

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