Case Study - Alfie Barks From the Window

Charlie and Louise own Alfie, a 5 year old Cairn Terrier. Alfie loves to sit looking out of the window, watching everything going on in the street. The problem is when he sees a cat or another dog. He then starts to bark, and will go on barking at anyone who walks past or approaches the house.

Alfie has always been very territorial and also bark a lot when in the garden. He barks at: birds, cars, and people walking down the lane. Alfie is often referred to by the neighbours as the head of the neighbourhood watch. Charlie and Louise are aware that Alfie’s barking is a problem both to them and their neighbours.

When in the house Louise has tried keeping the curtains closed, so that Alfie cannot see other cats and dogs, but apart from this making life in the house a little gloomy, Alfie still barks at the noises and can also manage to poke his head through the gap in the curtains.

Charlie says they have tried training discs and trying to distract Alfie, both of which appeared to work for a while, but as a strong minded terrier, Alfie is more interested in getting back to his neighbourhood watch post.

Louise and Charlie continued this for 5 days; they said it was a real commitment and at times exhausting. The reward was worth it. Alfie realised that every time he barked from the window he was removed and therefore if he wanted to sit in his favourite place and watch the world pass by he would have to sit their quietly.

Alfie’s owners feel empowered now they were able to teach him not to bark and the bond between them seems stronger than ever. Louise says it was worth all the effort as we can now sit and enjoy each others company.

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