How writers do it (Solve the creative puzzle)?

What is writing?

An intellectual dialogue taking place between the mind and you!

An emotional healing process!

I think it is all about the things you can do or you can think of doing in some other supernatural form of life or universe. Some have said that we write because we want to learn. Others simply write and learn both. It is the end point of thinking or talking. (This is what I’ve come to the conclusion). There is nothing more left to be said when you start writing. The pain of not knowing things can cure the pain itself. Do you agree with me? There are different techniques to develop the ‘creative writer’ or ‘creative person’ in you. It is all in the mind.

There is a bewildered sense of belief and comfort to find yourself capable of doing impossible things.

1. The thriving space between possibilities and impossibilities: What impossibilities cannot do, possibilities can? Anybody who writes for a living knows that they have certain moral responsibilities. We find writers to be the persons in common who know some of our friends, colleagues or long-lost relatives in one or the other way. Isn’t it right? They know so much about us. There is no other way that they could have found it anyway. The situations they intrigue us into, the characters they make out of our lives- is just a molded or broken image of truth that we found too fragile to keep.

There is a thriving space between possibilities and impossibilities. We tend to swing (back or forth) and spend all our lives doing this. The space is full of life and vigor as it empowers us to try. Even if it has to come out as a failed attempt! It defines the legitimate definition of ‘possibility’. What do you understand by impossibilities? It does not refer to conditions that we cannot do anything about but all the other things made possible by knowing our strength in the end. It keeps off the bad or mean ‘you’ from the one who yearns for glory and dignity.

2. Writers do not imagine but create: Of all the moments you have been given and life lived these years, it is strange that you have failed to see it as beautiful lines of poetry written on the wind.

This is our inability and leads to a tragic downfall of our lives.

Writers create out of imagination. While we just imagine out of creation!

3. Putting a blank moment on the board: Our generation is obsessed with the idea of finding answers. The race is going on and on. There is no harm if we do not get a few answers. It is not a bad idea at all. Do yourself a favor! Put a blank moment on the board. Take some time to figure out that how you can change the ongoing circumsatnces in your life by taking a relatively different approach. It does not mean that you should do something crazy. Your role is of a spectator here. You need to stand-by and pay close attention to things. Treat yourself with the luxury of standing outside the situation and considering all the options as it is happening!

We all witness few such moments when we flow with the movement rather than acting as the principle subject. It is as if you are watching yourself doing all the funny things- shrinking yourself to the size and matter of daily problems, doing nothing but losing yourself again inch by inch or being consumed by the bitterness of your own restricted viewpoint.

The idea behind putting blank moments on the board is to think about two or three different endings to a situation. Have you ever heard of ‘parallel universe’ running along before?

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